Stellar Evolution

stellar evolution

STELLAR EVOLUTION Stellar evolution is the process by which a star changes over the course of time. Depending on the mass of the star, its lifetime can range from a few million years for the most massive to trillions of years for the least massive, which is considerably longer than the age of the Universe. […]

The Galaxy

the galaxy

THE GALAXY In general, it can be said that the Universe is made up of stars and vacuum. But the stars are not scattered in space at random, but are grouped into huge “islands” of stars, galaxies. The stars we see at night in the sky, like the Sun, belong to our galaxy, the Milky […]

The Universe

the universe

THE UNIVERSE The Universe encompasses everything that exists – matter, space, energy and time. Includes any star, planet or celestial body. The huge expanse of the Universe is unthinkable for the human mind. The visible part of the universe stretches up to 1.6 square kilometers, and no one knows what is outside it. Numerous theories […]